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  • Why can't I edit my converted Word?

    Since your original PDF file is a scanned one or generated from images, there is no real text in it. Currently our online PDF conversion services do not support OCR text recognition.
    Download Gaaiho PDF Converter to recognize text in scanned PDF.

  • Why does some text appear garbled in my converted Word?

    Complicated formulas, infrequently used languages, special characters, etc. may cause recognition errors during conversion, and these situations are hard to avoid.

  • Any security concerns about my upload?

    We will not store or use the files you upload. To allow users enough time to download the results, files will be kept for 2 hours after conversion. Then both original and result files will be completely deleted from our server.

  • Is a desktop version available?

    We also have desktop version for Gaaiho PDF Suite and Gaaiho PDF Converter. Gaaiho PDF Suite provides advanced features like editing, converting, encrypting, signing, word processing, OCR, etc., which can greatly enhance your PDF processing capabilities. Download now! Gaaiho PDF Suite
    Gaaiho PDF Converter can batch convert files in various formats to PDF, or convert PDF to Word, Excel, Text, Image, etc. In addition, with OCR (Optical Character Recognition) features, you can easily edit the scanned files. Download Gaaiho PDF Converter . Start 30-day free trial now.

  • What should I do if file size exceeds 10 MB?

    Since large file requires higher network connection speeds, in addition, the upload and conversion will be more complicated. Currently we do not support converting file greater than 10 MB.
    You can download it Gaaiho PDF Suite or Gaaiho PDF Converter and try it free for 30 days. During the trial, file size is not limited, and more editing and conversion features are available.