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  • Why can't I edit the converted file?

    This is because the PDF is either a scanned document or made from an image file, so there is no real text in it.Our online conversion service has yet to support OCR (Optical Character Recognition),
    please download Gaaiho PDF Converter to make out the text within scanned documents.

  • Why there is scrambled text in the converted Word file?

    Complicated formulas , uncommon languages and special characters could sometimes cause conversion inaccuracies. 100% precision at all times is considered to be impossible.

  • Are my files safe after upload?

    We promise we will never keep or access your files.To give you enough time to get the converted file, it will remain available for 6 hours after conversion. Afterwards, the original and the converted file will both be permanently erased from our server.

  • Do you have a desktop app?

    Definitely. We have Gaaiho PDF Suite and Converter available on the market.Gaaiho PDF Suite provides advanced editing, conversion, security, word processing and OCR functionalities, suitable for every user that has such demands. Download Gaaiho PDF Suite
    Gaaiho PDF Converter enables both file-to-PDF and PDF-to-file batch conversion, including common formats such as Word, Excel, text and image. You can also use OCR to turn the text in scanned documents into a searchable state. Download Gaaiho PDF Converter and get 30-day free trial.

  • Why can't I convert a file over 10 MB?

    Large files do not only need a fast network speed, but can also cause complication during upload and conversion. For the reasons above, AddPDF doesn't accept files over 10 MB for the time being.
    You may download Gaaiho PDF Suite or Gaaiho PDF Converter to convert file of any size and explore more editing/conversion functionality.