About AddPDF

AddPDF (addpdf.com) is a free online conversion website powered by ZEON corporation. The services are totally free and require no registration, including PDF-to-Word, PDF-to-JPG, Word-to-PDF, PPT-to-PDF, JPG-to-PDF conversion and also protecting your PDF with password.
See the following benefits:

  • Easy to use: no account or setup is required to convert files online—and it’s free.
  • Security guaranteed: all data transmitted is protected by SSL. Any files uploaded will be permanently erased after a while.
  • Hi-quality conversion: with over 20 years of development history, the ZEON Gaaiho-powered conversion engine is one of the finest on the market.
  • Less restriction: max 10 MB and 20 files per day is also one of the most lenient restrictions you can find on the web.

About ZEON

Founded in 1989, ZEON has been in the PDF business for more than 20 years.In the very beginning, we developed electronic publishing and printing solutions, and switched to PDF (Portable Document Format) technology in 1993.There it began the evolution of our robust PDF software, spanning over 13 generations that have been widely adopted by businesses and document professionals around the world.
While the journey goes ever onward,we hope you’ll join hands with us and create more amazing possibilities down the road.

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